We specialise in robotic lawn mower and is an authorised dealer for Husqvarna Automowers and battery products, Ambrogio Robots and NemH2O pool cleaners in Singapore.


Our mission is to be an innovative force for good in the region by empowering people to live meaningful lives, through the use of technology


Our vision is to become the world's leading Automation implementor using Green Energy


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Who are we?

Greenova Landscape Pte Ltd is Singapore's robot mower specialist. We are the only robotic mower dealer that offers a complete solution; we will commission an robotic mower installation and guarantee it for three years. Our installation and servicing work is done by experienced Husqvarna and Ambrogio trained technicians. We also provide continuous on-going support for the customer. Every installation works and is guaranteed to work.

Why Choose Us

Free Consultation

We will do a site visit and determine the best robotic mower option for your lawn

Automation Installation

Our professional installer will install and walk you through the operations and control

Service and Support

We assist in the maintenance of your robotic mower, so you can enjoy the beautifully manicured lawn.


Brands, Partners and Clients


Ambrogio Robot


Outboard & Marine Pte Ltd

RoboWorld Versatile Pty Ltd

Mao Sheng Quanji Construction

Changi Airport Group

Institute of Technical Education

National Parks