Solving your lawn and pool maintenance needs

Green Automation

Specialised in automation for lawn and pool maintenance. Authorised dealer and installer for Husqvarna Automower, Ambrogio Robots and NemH2O pool cleaner.

Green Energy

Use of green energy such as solar energy to power up robotic mower’s energy requirements.

“Let’s make your lawn beautiful and green!”
Battery Equipment

Use of battery equipment reduces air and noise pollution, creating a greener environment for our future generations.

Quality Service

Our touch does not end with installation. We provide ongoing support to ensure your mower is running efficiently


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Satisfied Clients

What’s Our Clients Say

Tan Chong Lee

Assistant CEO NParks

“The Robotic mowers could reduce reliance on manpower and ensure that our lawns are well-maintained throughout the year.”

Kim Wetzel

Home User

“I’m preparing to watch my lawn being mowed – not by a gardener, but by a robot mower.”

Richard Stevenson

“A superbly designed, near maintenance-free robot lawnmower with excellent control app and the ability to take on the most complex of lawns.”