Common Questions Asked (Robotic Mowers)

Clearing any doubts you may have on robotic mower

Are robotic mowers loud?

No . The sound level of the robotic mower is very low, ranging from 69 dB(A) down to 58 dB(A) depending on the model. You can easily have the mower operating without disturbing you or your neighbours day or night.

What happen to the grass clippings?

The robotic mower’s precision cutting takes a minute amount of each blade of grass: the cuttings are almost invisible and disappear into the lawn.  The lawn is perfectly cut, achieving a beautiful and carpet-like look. The razor-sharp blades cut the grass gently from all directions, helping it to grow strong and the mulched grass cuttings act to fertilize the lawn and keep it healthy.

What if my robotic mower gets stolen?

Robotic mowers have several theft protection systems that may be activated. The mowers can not be used without the personal PIN code. The installation lock prevents it from functioning on any other installation other than your own. The time lock requests your four-digit PIN to be entered at an interval decided by yourself. The alarm requires the PIN code to be entered when Automower is stopped – or an audio alarm will go off. In addition, GPS communication units include a GPS tracker available as an accessory for most models.

Can the robotic mower cope with sloped lawns?

Cutting grass on slopes can be challenging with petrol machines. There are robotic mowers that can provide a solution to this problem. In 2019, Husqvarna developed an all wheel drive Automower 435X (currently not available in Singapore) that can climb slopes up to 35 degrees. Nonetheless, our current Husqvarna model 450X and Ambrogio robots can climb slopes up to 24 degrees.

What will the robotic mower do to leaves?

Common questions we get regarding fallen leaves are:

Will leaves prevent the robotic mower from working?

Will the robotic mower mulch the leaves?

The answer is the robotic mower will make small slices into the leaves and continue to work as normal. So the chore of raking up the leaves is still required. However, you do not need to worry about any effects to your robotic mower

If it operates randomly, it’s bound to miss bits of the lawn?

They don’t. The Husqvarna Automower and Ambrogio Robots are designed to give you a perfectly cut lawn provided that they are installed correctly on a lawn size appropriate to the machine in question. It MUST be allowed to operate for a sufficient number of hours per week to give good coverage. If these conditions are met, your lawn will be beautifully and evenly cut, and we’ve never seen a lawn that wasn’t. The use of technology such as GPS ensures that the lawn is covered intelligently; the lawn is mapped and mowing activity is recorded. We can even plug in our test program and produce a plot of the robot’s movement over a period of time. With premium brand robotic mowing, if there’s grass to be cut; it will be cut – no missed bits.

How do the robotic mower know where to cut?

The robotic mowers that we sell are designed to run within a boundary wire that we will install below the surface of the lawn. As soon as the mower reaches the boundary wire it stops, and rotates away from the boundary and carries on in a different direction. There are some limitations on slopes or tight turning space and Greenova technician can advise on this during a survey.

Can I have stripes in my lawn?

The one thing that is certainly impossible with a robot mower is to create the stripy effect that a traditional cylinder mower would produce.  If you want stripes – a robot mower is not for you unless you are prepared to use a garden roller separately.

Can I use the robotic mower on two (or more) separate lawns?

There are several ways to approach this situation.  We have cost effective installations that utilize one mower to run with two or more base stations – the robot mower is transferred manually between the two lawns.  If the lawns are in close proximity, and together below the maximum area limit for the mower, we can connect them into one circuit and, once again the mower is transferred manually between lawns.  The first method is a better solution because battery charging is assured; the single base station installation would require regular return to the lawn with the charging station to ensure that the battery is topped up.   All of these multi lawn installs require you to be vigilant to grass growth and constantly move the mower manually to ensure the robot does not struggle to cut an excessive length of grass.  This may not suit everybody and it does defeat the object of robot mowing, which is that the mower does all the work while you do something else with your time. Best solution is we create a pathway winch the mower can follow to access the other lawned areas.

Do I have to manually charge the robotic mower?

It does this itself. Every robotic mower installation has a base station, to which the robot automatically returns to their charging station when the battery reaches a certain voltage. The robot can find its way back to the charger by means of the boundary wires, a special guide wire that we lay under the ground, and signals emitted by the base station. No user intervention is required. If for any reason the mower becomes unable to reach the base station, it will stop operating and preserve the remaining battery charge.  Each base station is connected to a mains 230v supply which can be inside your home, in an outbuilding, or from a special outdoor socket. If you do not have a suitable supply we can arrange for a qualified electrician to provide the necessary circuit.

Can I control the robotic mower remotely?

Yes through the smartphone mobile application, you can receive your robotic mower’s current status and send “Start”, “Stop” and “Park” commands to the mower from anywhere in the world. Automower Connect and Ambrogio App brings the mower’s menu system to your smartphone, making it easy to read and change the mower settings remotely*. In case of theft, you will get an alarm and be able to track your mower’s position. This feature is only available on selected models.

Will the robotic mower work on uneven lawn?

Due to the large driving wheels, the robotic mower can work very well with uneven ground surfaces. It also handles slopes up to a 45% (24°) incline. It will not scalp hills like normal mowers do. Small deep holes may cause the mower to get stuck so it’s important to fill the holes before starting the mower.

Can robotic mower cut a very large lawn?

Robot mowers can maintain any size of lawn, some large installations will have multiple robots operating.

Can the robotic mower cut an irregular lawn?

A common misconception, we have found, is that people believe the robot mower has to travel up and down the lawn parallel to the edge and mistakenly think their irregularly shaped lawn is not suitable.  This couldn’t be further from the truth because in fact the robots travel randomly around the lawn bouncing from the perimeter to perimeter or off any obstacles in between.  This form of cutting is ideally suited to the most complex shaped gardens.  There are a very few limitations, particularly of there are very tight corners or sloping boundaries and these will be highlighted by our technician during a survey.  We can generally provide a solution for difficult gardens.

What happen when it rains?

Robot mowers are completely weather proof. Husqvarna Automowers are unaffected and will continue to cut during the rain with the same results. Ambrogio Robots give you the option of cutting in the rain or putting the robot on pause with its rain sensor.

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